Women Cooking in Diamonds and Pearls


I want to bring back taffeta, women cooking in pearls & diamonds.
Photo By Kim Fuller

With diamonds and pearls
always around my neck,
flowers being arranged,
food simmering and
old glamour red lipstick on,
that thing called LIFESTYLE
follows me everywhere

no matter what the zip code.

Blondee brings women together who:
  • love to cook
  • are strong and successful
  • love to wear diamonds and pearls while cooking!

We all know there are many ways to describe success…and each & every women alive has it, in her own way, Blondee believes that so very much…….these women epitomize Glamour and Humor…….All ages are beautiful!!

laurieI am Blondee’s Mom and the “Diamonds and Pearls” of my life are and always have been my family.

My four children are the special people in my life (my husband too, but in a different way).

Blondee was the one who always loved to dress up and be the bride, princess or queen with all of the jewels and long dresses.

She is still one of my favorite Diamonds and Pearls and still loves to wear them.

She is not only “Glamorous in the Kitchen” but also has a glamorous heart and is a glamorous person. I am proud to be her Mom.


DONBlondee is my dearest and Best friend!! I am so happy, in life as well as in the kitchen!!

I am now much more comfortable with the woman I have become. I found out that “I like me”!!

And I love to create delicious meals with “Passion”, “Glamour”, and “Humor”. After all….. shouldn’t Life be a “celebration” of “Forever Friendships”, “Flavorful Foods”, and “Fabulous Fun” along the way?……”I think so”!!!

– Karen Radke


hollyHi-I’m Holly and fabulous…

Grateful for my past, and excited about my future, I am so glad to be a woman today.

Glamour, mystery, and style–Garbo, Jacqueline Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn all had it…now Blondee is part of that glorious legacy…

Red lipstick, Mikimoto pearls, chocolate body creme, cooking Mama’s meatloaf and serving it on my favorite china, these are things that make me feel glamorous…….

– Holly Williams

dorothyAt a very young age my aunt gave me a string of pearls. One evening the string broke and when I retrieved the pearls after being restrung I felt that one pearl was not real!

Ten years ago when I moved to New York one of my sisters sent me a delightful black box containing several of my childhood treasures, including that string of pearls! All of those beautiful pearls have aged with a lovely patina except the one, so I always think of pearls with a smile and wear that string of pearls as it is, fake and real.

We diamonds, pearls and glamorous women do many wonderful things! I am a working artist actively showing and selling my artwork in New York and other cities around the world. I also have the joy of helping other artists to show and sell their work, and teach art classes to young and old who have special needs in life. One of my favorite sayings is “A woman is a many faceted diamond.”

People, including my lovely family and beautiful friends, are the diamonds and pearls in my life. The glamour is the excitement of life – art shows, theatre, languages, traveling, long walks, flowers, sunshine, rain, birds, trees, great wines, dark chocolate, good coffee, fabulous meals, events and holidays which “require” hours in the kitchen cooking with my lovely family and friends, and many cookbooks for relaxing reading.

Working with Blondee on her first cookbook was great fun! I love Blondee, and am delighted she is my friend. Blondee is the perfect pearls, diamonds and glamour in the kitchen!

– Dorothy Krakauer

jenniferI love to bake cookies, pies and cakes (you get the picture) and also cook of course in my jeans and grandmother’s pearls; it is relaxing and always reminds me of family.

Blondee is all about loving your family and caring about people. She makes her friends feel that there is something valuable in each of them. Everyone needs a Blondee in their life.

The ability to look back on my life and laugh and smile from within knowing I have survived the ups and downs and raised a kind caring wonderful son is the brightest diamond in my life.

– Jennifer Carmichael

shareeBlondee and I have been friends since the third grade.

As a child, my earliest memories of her was baking cookies for her family and friends. During our childhood while she was in the kitchen baking her cookies, I was always outside digging in the dirt planting some kind of flower seeds, or watching my mom care for her irises.

Now in our 50’s Blondee has created a lifestyle with cooking, glamour, and humor in her kitchen. She has such a passion for cooking and creating new dishes.

Though we live 3,000 miles apart, we talk frequently. While she tells me of her new recipes, I’m sharing my day in the garden. I recently spent a week visiting with Blondee and found myself taking pictures of all the colorful flowers we would pass by. While my attraction was the colorful flowers, Blondee was creating in her mind the foods that would match the flowers.

I’m always amazed with her creativity.

– Sharee Abbott


dianaOne of my favorite things to do is entertain family and friends. It reminds me of how lucky I am to have such great people in my life.

I love to make meals extra special with a beautiful table to share our meal. This ranges from serving pizza on my “fancy plates” to an elaborate centerpiece and themed table. It makes my guests feel loved because I took the time to make a meal something to remember and it makes me happy too!!!!!!

Of course…. I love pearls too, I love all of the sparkles & beauty that goes with being a girl!!!

– Diana Abbott